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Boiler Grant - UK Home Owners

A Boiler grant can be claimed by UK home owners who are in receipt of income or disability benefits. The grants cover some or all of the cost of a brand new A-rated boiler and they never have to be paid back.

As long as your current boiler is over 5 years old and someone in the household receives a qualifying benefit, you should be entitled to a boiler grant.

How It Works

  • Complete Online Form

  • Free Survey Booked

  • Boiler/System Installed

  • Grant Claimed

Boiler Grant - What Type Of Boilers Qualify?

If your current boiler is more than 5 years old, it is likely to be rated at less than 86% efficiency i.e. C rated or below and should qualify for replacement, regardless of whether or not it is faulty.

Common faults include losing pressure, leaking water, pilot light going out, making noises, no heating or hot water or both.

It will also qualify for replacement if it is broken beyond economical repair.

Boiler Grant - What Type Of Boilers Qualify?

Who Qualifies For A Boiler Grant?

Someone living in the household must be claiming a benefit or tax credit. The property must also be privately owned. We can also help private landlords and tenants with Green Deal Finance.

A contribution towards the cost of a new boiler may be required, depending on the amount of work needed and how efficient the property is. This can be paid for through savings on heating bills via the Green Deal.

Who Qualifies For A Boiler Grant?

Qualifying Benefits

  • Income-Related Benefits
  • Disability-Related Benefits
  • Tax Credits

One of 17 benefits qualify for a replacement boiler grant. The benefit can be claimed by anyone living in the property.

If you are claiming Child Benefit, there is a limit on the income being earned by the entire household. Please visit our Who Qualifies page for full details.

Who Qualifies

  • Owners & Tenants

  • Qualifying Benefit

  • Old or Faulty Boiler

  • No Central Heating

What if you don't qualify?

If you are not entitled to a boiler grant, you could still be eligible for Green Deal Finance to pay for a replacement boiler. The Green Deal is a loan which is attached to the property rather than an individual. There is nothing to pay in advance and the repayments are taken from the savings on heating bills so you are never out of pocket.

How can EnergyLink help?

Once you have completed the form, we will allocate you to an approved local boiler installer with access to grant funding and the Green Deal. They will telephone you to make an appointment to undertake a free, no-obligation survey. If you are happy to go ahead, they will install the new boiler and then claim the grant or arrange the Green Deal on your behalf.


The process was really smooth from start to finish with excellent customer service throughout. The new boiler has made a real difference.

- Mrs Carol MacLennan

EnergyLink were helpful and informative, my boiler was installed within the month and now my wife and I are warm and comfortable.

- James Huchins

I had my new boiler installed last month and my house is so much warmer now. Thanks very much!

- Mr J Scott

My gas bills were huge before my new boiler was installed and I’m looking forward to seeing the difference this winter. I’d recommend the service to anyone.

- Dave Bell

My new boiler works perfectly. I explained the issues I was having with my old boiler and EnergyLink helped me straight away. I am a mother with three young kids so having a warm home is very important.

- Miss Kelly Dodds

It was so easy to apply and the staff were really pleasant. Thank you EnergyLink.

- Paul Dunwoodie

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