Types of Heating Funded by the Green Homes Grant Scheme

FreeHeating Blog - 21st August 2020

In July 2020, the UK Government announced a brand new scheme, known as the Green Homes Grant, for homeowners and landlords living in England. At the time, it was not clear exactly which heating measures (if any) would be included but further details have since been revealed. In addition to home insulation and glazing, low carbon heating and heating controls/insulation are to be included. Boilers and central heating will not be part of the scheme but they will continue to be funded under ECO and can be applied for via this website.

Low Carbon Heating
Under the new scheme, households must have at least one primary measure installed before any secondary measures will be allowed. Air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and solar thermal panels are considered primary measures, in addition to home insulation. Heat pumps extract heat from the air or ground and convert it into heat and hot water to use in the home. Solar thermal panels use heat from the sun to heat up hot water. Both technologies are more efficient than those that require fossil fuels and therefore save households money on their energy bills and help to reduce carbon emissions.Heating Controls And Insulation
Once a primary measure has been identified, it may be possible to have a secondary measure installed. These include draught proofing; double, triple or secondary glazing and energy efficient doors. Several different types of heating controls are also classed as secondary measures, including appliance thermostats, hot water tank thermostats, smart heating controls, zone controls, delayed start thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves. These help to ensure that your existing heating system is running as efficiently as possible, only switching on when required. Hot water tank insulation is also included which helps prevent heat being lost from the water tank.
How Much Funding Is Available?
If anyone living in the household receives at least one benefit, tax credit or allowance, they should be entitled to a Green Homes Grant voucher of up to £10,000 that can cover the entire cost of the work. Everyone else is entitled to a voucher of up to £5,000 that will pay for two thirds of the cost.
Who Qualifies For The Vouchers?
Both types of voucher are only available if you live in England as the scheme will not be running in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Only homeowners are entitled to the £10,000 voucher whereas both private and social landlords can claim the £5,000 voucher, which effectively means that tenants also qualify for the scheme.
How Do You Apply?
To apply for a Green Homes Grant for home insulation, including cavity wall, solid wall, loft and room in roof insulation, visit www.freeinsulation.co.uk. The scheme is due to start in September 2020 and we will soon be able to put you in touch with an approved local installer. We are unable to help with heat pumps, solar thermal panels or glazing so please contact the Energy Saving Trust for advice. If you are interested in a grant to replace your boiler or install central heating, please visit our apply page to see if you qualify for Green Homes Grant Scheme.

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