Do You Need to Apply for a Grant for a New Boiler?

FreeHeating Blog - 11th March 2019

Boilers become less efficient the older they get, and if you have had yours for around 10 to 15 years, it may now be time to consider a replacement. Due to improvements in technology, modern boilers are more energy efficient than older models, so a new boiler will save you £££s on your heating bills. It is estimated that around 60% of a household’s annual energy bills are comprised of boiler expenditure, so it is very important that you have a highly efficient one.

new boiler grant
Aside from deterioration due to age and use, there are also obvious warning signs that tell you when your boiler really is on its way out and you need to get a new one. These are:

1) Frequent breakdowns with escalating repair bills as well as the now obsolete parts on your old boiler becoming harder to find and more expensive. If, aside from your annual service, you are also having to call out a Gas Safe-registered engineer on a regular basis when your boiler stops working, the cost of these repairs will become very expensive not to mention inconvenient.

2) You have noticed a change or increase in the sounds coming from your boiler or heating system. Central heating systems do make some noise in normal day-to-day operations, however if you have recently noticed additional sounds (like banging, humming or vibrating) or they have become louder, then there may be a fault with your boiler.

3) The blue flame has changed to yellow. This is a sign that there is something seriously wrong with your boiler.

4) You can smell gas when your boiler is on. This is another serious sign that your boiler needs urgent attention and probably means you need a new boiler. If you smell gas, there is a gas leak and means you should turn your boiler and the gas supply off immediately and call out an engineer.

5) Your boiler is just not working so well any more and you have been advised by an engineer that it is beyond repair. You may have noticed that your radiators are taking longer to warm up than they used to, or you may be having to constantly adjust the pressure of your boiler due to water leaks. If this is the case, a new boiler might be required.

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